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The Client: VIP Cinema Seating

How we helped the global leader of luxury cinema seating modernize its brand and complete a digital transformation.

Film Reels


VIP Cinema Seating was expanding its business internationally and needed to modernize and update their brand identity to appeal globally. VIP had no digital presence other than their website, had been dark on social media and had no lead generation tools. Lola Charles Communications was hired to completely refresh the brand and to create a digital-first integrated marketing ecosystem.​



  • Establish brand identity

  • Increase brand awareness

  • Generate leads
  • Re-establish VIP as an industry leader 
  • Measure, optimize, learn
Business Team


Due to this being a very large project that had many deliverables, our first step was to create a strategic outline deck that aligned VIP's goals with tactical objectives as well as established timing. We created three phases for this project. 

   60 Day Total Timeline



Phase I (Brand Development):

  • Brand architecture development

  • Logo redesign

  • Website redesign and launch management

Phase II (Strategy and Alignment)

  • Social media strategy 

  • Blog development and strategy

  • Digital advertising strategy

  • PR strategy

  • Weekly digital report development 


Phase III (Implementation)

  • Social media platform overhaul

  • Social media program management

  • E-mail marketing campaign management 

  • Digital marketing campaign management 

  • Press release and media outreach

Together at the Top


  • +57% web traffic!

  • 6X increase in media impressions!

  • 4X increase in social media engagement!

  • Converted 1,000+ cold leads into 250+ opportunities and 30+ new accounts

  • PR efforts resulted in an incremental free full page print ad and digital banner in leading trade magazine 

  • Digital marketing campaign generated +31 international leads in Q1 2020

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